Trek C-Track

Trek is for kids 7th-8th grade youth.

We are currently considering merging our Trek program with our Jr. High/ High School youth ministry program on Fridays, 7 pm.  Either we will continue our previous structure with the Trek program on Wednesdays or merge it with Friday's activities.  

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Schedule for Wednesday Night Jr. High, High School, and College Ministry at NCC:

*NCC Youth Ministry Leaders: Chris Platt, Lance Kotsubo, Marie Ung

What is needed for a mentor to sign off a section for their Journey C-Track Student?
  1. Students must complete the intro activity at the beginning of each lesson.
  2. Students must memorize the Core Verse(s)
    1. Two helps max per Core Verse(s). For these purposes, a help is defined as anything more than the student would receive from reciting the verse to their pet lizard.
  3. Students must respond to two exploration questions in their book
  4. Days 1-6 of that week in the Student Bible Study book must be completed
This year for Jr. High and High School Students we are doing Trek C-Track and Journey C-Track. Basically, the main difference from years past is that students can be accountable to approved mentor(s) from their home church for verse check-off and Bible book summaries. Mentors must be approved by Pastor Vincent and/or Amy Giles for High School students, Marie Ung for Jr. High students

Meet weekly (or so) with the student to check in and see how she is doing. The main goal is discipleship. Awana material is the tool through which this discipleship relationship can be fostered. As the Awana commander, Lance should be able to call the adult mentor and ask how the student is doing and get a pretty accurate idea of where they are in their walk with the Lord. The Awana material is simply a means, and a good one, to help develop that mentor relationship and to provide accountability. For the student, it helps them stay on task as they diligently work towards their Citation Award, if that's a goal for them.